Cool Roofing

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Keep Your Roof Cool

A cool roofing system may be just what you need to make your business totally green. Many people install cool roofing systems for their homes and commercial buildings to minimize their impact on the environment. Others do it simply to save a significant chunk of money on their utility bills. Whatever your reasons, you should hire us here at RBS Construction and Roofing for cool roof installation. We are ready when you are. You can call us today and have your cool roof installed immediately. If you don’t know what a cool roof is, let us fill you in. Call us today at 407-859-8163 for more information!

Benefits of a Cool Roof

A cool roof is any roofing material that reflects the sun’s visible rays and has a low absorption rate of thermal energy. They are traditionally lightly-colored roofing materials, but modern cool roofs can even come in darker hues. The purpose of a cool roof is to reflect as much light off of your roof as possible and keep your home or commercial building at a comfortable temperature. Cool roofs also:

  • Cut Energy Costs – When your building is naturally cooled by the roof, you will not need to use as much electricity running your air conditioner.
  • Help the Environment – A significant portion of emissions in the U.S. comes from the use of electricity.
  • Extend the Life of Your Roof – If your roof is kept consistently cooler, it puts less stress on the structure which can extend its lifespan.

Reach Out Today to Get Started on a New Roof!

Our cool roof installation in Orlando, FL will give you all of these benefits and more. All you have to do is give us a call, so be sure to contact us when you are in need of cool roof installation in Orlando, FL.

You can turn to us if you need cool roofing services other than installation as well. We offer a full range of cool roof repair services here at RBS Construction and Roofing. We are a complete roofing contractor company, and the proof is in our many different roofing services. Call us at 407-859-8163 for quality reflective roof installation and repair!