Roofing Wind Damage Repair

Roof Wind Damage Repair

Protecting Your Roof From The Wind

You may think that just because a storm produced no hail or heavy rain, your roof must be fine. The truth of the matter is that strong winds can cause a lot of damage to your roof even if the storm was dry. Even mild winds can accrue damage on your roof over time. For these reasons, it is best to know the name of a roofing contractor that specializes in roof wind damage repair in Orlando, FL. Luckily, we specialize in roof wind damage repair. We are RBS Construction and Roofing, and we can help get your roof back on track after it has been damaged by the wind. High winds can create stress points on your roof. These stress points are highly vulnerable and, over time, can compromise the entire structure of the roof. Call us today at 407-859-8163 for roof wind damage repair!

Watch For Signs Of Wind Damage

Other vulnerable spots on a roof are its edges. High winds can make short work of eaves, loose end shingles, and flashing. When the wind gets a foothold via a loose shingle, it can easily begin to rip up all the shingles piece by piece. Not to mention wind-blown debris, overhanging tree limbs, and even felled trees can cause damage to your roof during a windy storm. All of these factors make the wind dangerous for your roof.

Dependable Roof Wind Damage Repair

We have you covered. Our wind damage repair service is the best in the area because we know exactly what to look for. Call us to take a look at your roof. We can tell you where your roof is vulnerable and the spots that are likely to give way to roof damage. Some of the signs we look for include:

  • Curled ShinglesCurled shingles can catch a lot of air and that is not a good thing. Shingles should be as flush as possible.
  • Wrinkles and Tears – This applies to flat roofing systems. If there are wrinkles or tears in the coating, a strong wind can easily damage your roof.
  • Cracks – If you have wood shingles or shakes and they are split, cracked, or are decaying, they are prime targets for strong winds.

We suggest having your roof professionally inspected regularly. If your roof is vulnerable or has already been damaged, call us at 407-859-8163 for roof wind damage repair in Orlando, FL!