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    Everyone should have access to professional roofing services. After all, your roof is one of the most important components of your home or commercial property. It provides a layer of protection, comfort, and security. That is why we believe that everyone should have access to a professional roofer. We are RBS Construction and Roofing and it is our mission to help the good people of Orlando and all surrounding South Florida areas get the roof they want and need. All of our roofing services feature a combination of value and craftsmanship. We also offer affordable solutions that are of great value. Additionally, you can trust that we will do an outstanding job because craftsmanship is very important to us. That is the way roofing should be done. It’s how we’ve always done business here at RBS Construction and Roofing. When you need a roofer in Orlando, FL, we are the only company you will need to get in touch with. With a huge array of roofing services for both commercial and residential properties, we are certain that we will be able to meet your roofing needs. Give us a call today at 407-859-8163.

More Services We Offer

  • Metal Roofing

    Metal roofing is a great option for your property and we can install a custom metal roofing system for you.

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  • Roof Restoration

    Roof restoration is an easy and affordable way to get your roof looking and functioning like new.

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We Take Pride In Our Work

Something that differentiates us from all the other roofing companies in Orlando is that we take great pride in our work. In the roofing business, you are only as good as the roofs you install or repair. This fact is at the forefront of our minds with every job we do. Our craftsmanship is our calling card. We want to drive away from each job site knowing that we have built a roof that will stand the test of time. If repairs are needed, we will not rest until we are sure that your roof is as good as new. To be able to build something from nothing is a great source of pride for us. It is why we got into the roofing business in the first place. At the end of the day, we want to be able to look at the work we have done proudly. That’s why we are the right choice for your roofing project. You can trust that we will do a terrific job because we set very high standards for ourselves. You will benefit from this commitment to excellence, so be sure to call us at 407-859-8163 when you need a roofer in Orlando, FL!

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Handling Your Roofing Job with Care

Precision is very important when it comes to roofing work. There are many unseen components of a roofing system, and they all need attention when carrying out repairs or installations. Our experience coupled with our commitment to hiring only the best roofers in the area is a surefire combination that guarantees precision. Call us at 407-859-8163 today!

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Strength and Capability

Our crew is made up of exceptionally skilled roofers. We have plenty of them on hand to help. That is why we are able to tackle large-scale roofing jobs with ease. In fact, we regularly do work for large properties like hospitals, hotels, and even government buildings. Get in touch with us by calling 407-859-8163 when you need a capable roofer in Orlando, FL!