What is Metal Roofing Installation?

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Learn More About Metal Roofing

There are many roofing materials that are available to enjoy when you’re considering a new installation or even replacement. Roofing that’s put on the forefront more and more are ones that can last for years without repairs and provide more than basic protection. Metal roofing is a type of roofing material that provides exceptional protection against inclement weather and daily wear. It comes in a variety of shapes, metal materials, colors and more which can virtually add any type of aesthetic to a property. They provide a modern and attractive look so if you’re looking to sake down the line metal roofing will put your property at the forefront. If you’re interested in metal roofing it’s important to get in touch with a professional roofer to discuss your options. Until then, here is some basic information regarding metal roofing that may be of use to you.

How long do metal roofs last?

Metal roofing has a great roof life that it can last 50 plus years and longer with such options as copper and zinc often lasting even over 100 years. When typical roofing lasts 12-17 years that’s at least a 3-7 times longer roof life. 

Do metal roofs make house hotter?

Metal roofing do the opposite as they reflect UV rays and provide a cooling effect to the home. This can not only prevent premature aging from the sun, but it can lower monthly utility bills due to its energy conservation efforts. Essentially, keeping a cool roof will allow for stable indoor temperatures and without fluctuations, HVAC systems can do their job without pulling on too much energy.

What color metal roof is best?

No matter the roofing material a lighter roofing color will provide a cooling effect and energy efficiency as it will reflect heat. Darker colors are proven to absorb heat.

Will a metal roof attract lightning?

Although metal itself as a material is considered an electric conductor that is not the same thing as assuming metal roofing will be a lightning magnet. It won’t attract lightning, in fact it’ll be just as susceptible to lightening any other roofing material or really anything on the ground in general.

Will metal roofing rust?

Metal roofing can be protected with zinc roof coats or with metal roofing materials that have added zinc to it’s make up as seen with galvalume (steel with aluminum and zinc coatings) or galvanized steel (steel with zinc coatings.). Protective coatings can prevent oxidation and the formation of rust. Adding aluminum as seen with galvalume can help with corrosion. 

Can I put a metal roof over shingles?

Metal roofing can be installed over existing shingles as a second layer only if local building codes allow for it. Some jurisdictions may require full tear-offs with new installations so it’s important to check.

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What is metal roofing materials?

  • Steel
    • Galvanized
    • Galvalume
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Metal Slate
  • Zinc

Is there a tax credit for installing a metal roof?

Metal roofing can have a tax credit if it is Energy Star qualified for a 10% tax credit up to $500 of the material cost. (This doesn’t include installation or labor costs.)  It’s important to note that any energy-efficient steel roof that’s been installed after Dec. 31, 2017, isn’t eligible for this federal tax credit.

How much does a metal roof save on insurance?

Metal roofing can lower homeowners insurance by up to 35% as they typically encourage metal roofing installations with discounts. This is due to their energy efficiency, high fire protection ratings as well as protection from inclement weather such as hurricanes. These benefits will mean that an owner will less likely file an insurance claim to where the insurance will have to cover the costs of repairs.

Is a metal roof worth it?

 Metal roofing is an investment to be sure yet there are many benefits that will be worth the costs in the long run. You’ll have greater protection from wear and tear which themselves can add up over the years not to mention take up a lot of your time. They are more of a draw to prospective buyers as well as insurances due to their energy efficiency as well as inclement weather protection. Although they cost more upfront, the property can potentially be passed down to other generations without too much trouble.

Contact A Professional Roofer

When you’d like assistance with commercial metal roofing make sure to get in touch with a professional roofing company for assistance. An expert roofer will best be able to find the condition of your roof with roof inspections and properly gauge what future services need to be done based on roofing specifications and types. If you require additional services with property improvement such as with indoor air quality get in touch with the appropriate avenues for more information. Metal roofing is a great way to add value and longevity to your property so make the choice today. 

If you require assistance with metal roofing in Orlando, FL call 407-859-8163 with RBS Construction and Roofing!

Is a New Roof a Good Investment?

A new attic.

Is a New Roof a Good Investment?

Investing in a new roof is a very serious matter. That’s because roof replacement isn’t cheap. There are also a lot of things to consider throughout the process. The whole endeavor can be very daunting, but we composed this blog post to help the average home or business owner with some of the most troublesome questions associated with roof installation.

Roof Leaks are Serious Business

Maybe you never even considered replacing your roof. You haven’t seen anything wrong with your property, so it must be fine, right? Not necessarily. Unfortunately, there are a lot of roofing problems that can go undetected for years. For instance, small leaks may be doing years worth of water damage in your attic without you ever knowing it. For these reasons, it is best to call a professional roofing company now and then to do a roofing inspection. This leads us to our first topic regarding the all-important new roof investment question.

How Do I Know if I Need a Replacement?

Some signs that you need a replacement roof are obvious. The best way to find clear signs of a bad roof is to head up to your attic with a flashlight. Look up at your roof boards and see if you can spot any daylight coming through them. Turn on your flashlight and look for signs of water damage as well. Water damage will usually discolor and rot wood beams. Water damage can also manifest as dark streaks that run from the underside of your roof to the walls. Check to see if any part of the roof is sagging or soft. If you see any of these signs, you definitely need helping from a professional.

Do I Need a Roof Replacement?

But what if you don’t see any of these signs of damage? What if your roof is decades old but you still don’t see any obvious signs of damage? Do you still need a full replacement? The answer is maybe. Many people often ask us here at RBS Construction and Roofing ‘how often are you supposed to replace your roof?’ The answer will depend on the age of the roof and what it is made of. For example, asphalt shingles should probably be replaced after 25 years. Tile roofs, on the other hand, can last 50+ years. Slate tile roofing may not need replacing for up to 100 years!

When Repairs are Necessary

So what happens if you don’t choose replacement when it’s needed? Neglecting a defunct roof can have major consequences. For one thing, it can cause you money on your utility bills. Leaking or poorly sealed roofs can let conditioned air out of your home, making your AC and heater work doubly hard. Problems can also expose your entire home to water damage and mold – an obvious health risk. In extreme cases, an old roof can even collapse and cause serious damage to your entire home and your belongings. To avoid these situations, use our roofing services and call us at 407-859-8163.

How Do I Buy a Roof?

If you have read this far and are beginning to grow concerned about your roof, you may not even know where to begin. The fact is that many people don’t know how to go about getting a new roof. There are some key guidelines that you should follow when pricing and selecting materials. First, you should find out if the current structure is under warranty as this will save you a ton of money. Finally, know your roofing material options. Some roofing options are eligible for federal rebates. Some will work better for the Florida climate. Some will last significantly longer than others. The following section will shed more light on the best roofing materials.

A new roof under construction.

Modern Roof Materials

Need roof help in Orlando, FL? Then you should know which materials will be needed for the project. The materials needed will depend on your preferences, how much money you want to spend, and what your concerns are. But here is a materials list that highlights some of the best new roof materials for Central and Southern Florida:

  • Tile Roofing – As mentioned earlier, tile roofs are some of the longest-lasting and most durable.
  • Slate Roofing – Slate roofing is not susceptible to warping or rotting, which makes it a great choice in the humid Florida climate.
  • Metal RoofingMetal roofing can be lightweight, is safe from insect damage, and offers great structural protection.

Is It All Worth It?

People also ask us, “can you live in a house during the installation?” It is a valid question while deciding if replacement will be worth it for you. You can live in a house while the roof is being replaced because it only takes a few days for the entire project. You will have to put up with noise and not being able to go into certain areas of your home, but it can be done.

If you have serious damage or if your roof is too old, a full replacement is definitely worth it. Even if your roofing materials are just out of date and inefficient, a replacement can still be a worthwhile investment. Call us at 407-859-8163 when you need a new roof in Orlando, FL!