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What You Need to Know About Solar Panels and How It Affects Your Roof Repairs

Measuring the roof

Solar panels are an energy-efficient way to save money on electric bills and they can last at least 25 years at a time. Many people are interested in installing solar panels on their roofs to save electricity costs, but there are also concerns about how the solar panels will affect their roofs.

Many people are concerned about whether or not their roof will last long enough and how they will carry out roof repairs when they need it if solar panels get installed. Here are some important things to help you understand the link between solar panels and roof repair in Orlando FL.

Solar Panels and How They Affect Roof Repairs

Replacing Your Roof Before Installation

It’s a fact that solar panels have a longer lifespan than roofs. So it’s almost inevitable that you’d need a roof repair or replacement at least once during the lifespan of your solar panels.

Before you install your solar panels, check if your roof is already rather old or showing signs of damage. Firstly, you need to know if the roof can handle the installation and if an old, damaged roof isn’t ideal. Secondly, it’s better to replace your roof first before installing solar panels so you save money and trouble afterward. Get a roof inspection by a professional if you are not sure.

Will Installation Cause Roof Damage?

Solar panels will not cause any damage to your roof if they are installed properly. A licensed service provider will make sure that the solar panel gets installed without causing any problems for your roof.

You can ask them questions about the installation process, how to prevent roof damage or see what kind of condition your roof is in. Check if they have a workmanship warranty that will cover you in case roof damage does happen during installation.

Making Roof Repairs with Solar Panels On

If you need to repair your roof with solar panels already installed, you need to get the solar panels removed and reinstalled once the roof repair work is complete. There will be a labor cost to do so. Despite this cost, it should not deter you from giving your roof the care it needs because doing so could lead to a whole range of roof and home damage issues.

Most people turn to their original solar panel provider for this job, as they would be familiar with the panels and everything to do with the removal and installation. If that is not an option for you though, various solar panel companies do service solar panels that weren’t installed by them.


Overall, installing solar panels on your roof can be very beneficial for saving energy bills. Your solar panels and roof will affect one another and for both to perform well, ensure that they are all well maintained. If your roof needs repairs, don’t let your solar panels deter you from getting essential roof repairs done.