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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Environmentally Friendly Roof Options

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Eco-friendly roofs are an option that homeowners may want to consider when the time comes to renovate their roofs. Not only are they durable, but Eco-friendly roofs are an option that homeowners may want to consider when the time comes to renovate their roofs. Not only are they durable, but you also save on heating and cooling bills while reducing your carbon footprint and committing to a more energy-efficient lifestyle.

Environment-Friendly Roof Options

Shingles Roofs Are a Common but Classic Choice

Shingle roofs come in two types: recycled and wood shingles.

Recycled shingles are made of recycled waste material such as wood fiber, plastic, or rubber. They are one of the greenest options to choose from as it avoids processing additional raw materials and contribute to lower pollution rates. Despite being recycled, they look good as new when installed.

Wood shingles are popular for their classy yet modern look as they come in different colors. They can be repurposed and reused within the home after the roof needs to be replaced.

However, wood shingles are less energy-efficient due to the process behind wood production and poor durability compared to recycled shingles. Plus, the risk of fire in vulnerable zones is something to consider if you live in a forest area

Tiles Roofs for Style and Longevity

Clay and slate tiles are durable and offer a beautiful addition to your house. Clay tiles come in many different colors, are easily replaceable, and are long-lasting. They are especially good to help avoid your house from overheating.

Slate tiles are resilient and are a great choice if you are seeking to give your house a historical look. Like clay tiles, they can last up to a hundred years.

The only disadvantage is that clay and slate tiles are heavier than other materials, and require additional support to keep them in place to ensure safety.

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs are a popular choice as they allow homeowners to save on air conditioning bills during the summer days and help reduce energy consumption.

How does it work? A cool roof, per its white color, reflects the sun's rays off the house and allows a cooling effect within the home.

Unfortunately, due to its long-lasting technology, installation bills may be expensive but it is a worthwhile investment if you live somewhere with a lot of sunlight.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are another environmentally friendly option. Like the cool roof system, the metal roof reflects the sunlight. While its metal sheets or tiles are recyclable, metal roofs typically last for fifty years which makes them a great long-lasting option.

Like the different types of roofs mentioned above, some advantages and disadvantages come with having a metal roof.

On the one hand, metal roofs are great for keeping your house cool, are long-lasting, fire resistant, and are a good option during the winter to prevent the snow from piling up. On the other hand, the metal roof tends to dent if the weather is met with hail, the color fades with time and the installation fees may be costly.

A Green Roof Is a Garden for All Your Needs

If you enjoy gardening and want your home to stand out, perhaps a green roof may be the best option for you.

A green roof is especially beneficial if you live in the city as it helps decrease the heat levels and provides a cooling effect for your home. This entails installing an actual garden on your roof which you need to maintain throughout the year. You also need to make sure that your roof can sustain the weight of the plants.

While a green roof is costly in terms of time and installation, it is long-lasting, generally self-sustaining, and provides a beautiful addition to the city.

Solar Panels Are Best to Transform Energy Into Electricity

Solar power is one of the most common energy-efficient sources and comes in the form of a solar panel or tile located on your roof.

Instead of reflecting the sun's rays like the cooling system, the solar panels or tiles absorb the sun's rays and transform them into electricity. The installation fees may be expensive, but a solar-powered system is long-lasting and great for anyone who lives in an area with a lot of sun exposure.


Depending on your priorities, one of these options will best fit your needs as a homeowner. Environmentally friendly roofs are durable, sustainable, and renewable which provides a variety of added benefits such as saving money on electricity bills. They last for a long time and add an aesthetic flair to your home. Call a company that specializes in roofing in Orlando to discuss your options.