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Is Metal Roofing Energy Efficient?

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While it may not be the most attractive roofing material, metal roofing can offer a tremendous amount of benefits to home and business owners—especially those in warmer climates that are prone to endure excessive amounts of severe weather each year. In addition to providing durable protection from extreme rain, wind, and heat, metal roofing can also benefit your wallet in the form of energy efficiency.

In the state of Florida, a roof with optimal energy efficiency is essential to keep your residential or commercial building as cool and protected as possible. Metal roofing provides all of that and more.

What Makes Metal Roofing Energy-Efficient?

Metal roofing has properties that allow it to be one of the most energy-efficient roofing options on the market.

Energy efficient benefits of metal roofing that can save you money on monthly utility costs include:

  • Thermal resistance: This is a measurement of the temperature difference and how a material resists heat flow. Metal roofing increases thermal performance greatly, especially in comparison to asphalt shingles.
  • Emissivity: This is the ability of a material to radiate heat from the sun up and away. Metal roofing has high emissivity, effectively redirecting heat back up towards the atmosphere and away from your building.
  • Reflectivity: This property measures how well a material can reflect heat in the same direction. Metal roofing has high reflectivity, dissipates heat quickly when not in direct sunlight, and further prevents heat from entering your building.

Additional Benefits of Metal Roofing

Beyond energy efficiency, metal roofing has more benefits to Florida home and business owners such as:

  1. Long lifespan and resistance: A metal roof can last up to 70 years. Not only that, but it has incredible wind and fire resistance.
  2. High curb appeal and home value: With modern advancements, metal roofing can now look just as beautiful, sleek, and attractive as a traditional granular asphalt roof—which can be a huge draw for potential buyers. The low maintenance of metal roofing is also an attractive factor.
  3. Sustainability: Metal roofing is fully recyclable, so you can have peace of mind that you won’t be contributing to landfills over the years from asphalt roof replacements.

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