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Do Black Shingles Actually Produce More Heat?

Black Shingles

Black shingles are sleek, stunning, and attractive-looking roofing materials for both residential homes and commercial buildings. However, they are not commonly installed on Florida properties because black shingles and similarly dark roofing materials have a reputation as heat absorbers. But can the color of your roof affect the internal temperature of your home?

How Black Shingles React to Heat

The color of your roof does play a large role in whether or not heat rays are reflected away or absorbed into your home. For that reason, light-colored roofing materials are popular in Florida because they will reflect heat away from homes during the Sunshine State’s hot summers.

Conversely, dark-colored roofing materials, like black shingles, are more popular in cold-climate states as they will absorb much more heat than light-colored roofs and help keep internal temperatures warm during the winter.

The Effects of Roofing Materials on Home Temperatures

That said, the color of your roof isn’t the only thing you should consider when deciding on which type of roof will work best in your specific climate. Roofing materials can also have a huge effect on the internal temperature of your home.

For example, metal and rubber roofs are becoming increasingly popular in Florida because the materials are also known to reflect heat rays away from the home. On the other hand, asphalt shingles are known to absorb heat and trap it indoors, which can potentially raise your electric bill in the summer when your AC works overtime to cool your house.

However, if heating the inside of your property is your goal, asphalt black shingles are your best bet.

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