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4 Problems with Modified Bitumen Roof

Bitumen Roof

Modified bitumen is an asphalt roofing system designed for low-sloping roofs. It is an energy-efficient material that is also waterproof and tear-resistant. However, issues with modified bitumen roofing can develop if it is not properly installed. Here are four modified bitumen roof problems to be on the lookout for both during and after installation.

Common Modified Bitumen Roof Problems

  1. Tears and Punctures: One of the most pressing issues with modified bitumen roofing is that it is vulnerable to damage during installation. Dropped tools and foot traffic can weaken the material, causing tears and punctures. Fortunately, such issues can usually be patched. After installation, you can prevent further damage by trimming back overhanging tree branches and keeping other debris from falling on and damaging your modified bitumen roof.
  2. Seams: Modified bitumen is typically installed in 30–35-inch sections that are secured using adhesive. If the adhesive is not applied properly, it could lead to defects that cause the material to seal improperly or create a void in overlapped areas. If the seam is defected and identified in time by an experienced modified bitumen roof installer, it can be reheated and additional adhesive can be applied to the seam.
  3. Blisters: If your modified bitumen roof installer is not careful, moisture can seep in between the membrane of the roof. This will eventually cause a blister that threatens the integrity of your modified bitumen roofing. Blisters can take time to repair because your roofer will have to replace the entire area to eliminate excess moisture.
  4. Incorrect installation: Modified bitumen roofs have a separate insulation layer that keeps your home’s temperature stable year-round. Since it is one of five components on the roof, there is a chance it could be installed incorrectly and cause temperature fluctuations inside your home. Additionally, the flashing that keeps your roof waterproof can be tricky for inexperienced roofers to install.

Ultimately, the best way to avoid the above-modified bitumen roof problems is to hire a reputable and experienced modified bitumen roof installer.

Avoid Modified Bitumen Roof Problems with RBS Construction and Roofing

If you’re thinking about having a modified bitumen roof installed, you’ll want a team of licensed professionals on your side. For superior modified bitumen roof installation services in the Central Florida area, trust the experts at RBS Construction and Roofing.

Our excellent craftsmen know the ins and outs of modified bitumen materials and their installation process to make your re-roof streamlined and efficient. We’re also a local and family-owned business that’s been operating in the construction and roofing industry for more than 35 years, specializing in residential and commercial roof installations, replacements, and repairs. To learn more about our services, give us a call today at (689) 304-9605.