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5 Signs Your Roof Needs to Be Replaced


A well-maintained roof can last your home for decades. However, routine maintenance can only repair so much. Here are five signs your roof might need replacing.

Common Roof Replacement Signs

  1. Your roof is showing its age: Your roof’s age is arguably the most important factor in determining the need for a roof replacement. The lifespan of a roof will depend on its material and condition; however, a well-maintained roof can last anywhere between 15-25 years, on average. However, the older it is, the more likely it will have experienced prolonged damage and wear and tear. If your roof is approaching its 16th birthday, you should look into having it replaced instead of throwing money away on repairs.
  2. Your roof is leaking: Leaks can happen for several reasons, but even the smallest leak can lead to costly water damage. Most leaks are small and easily fixed, but by the time you detect them, it can become a serious issue. If you have multiple leaks or your roof leak doesn’t respond to repairs, it may be time to look into replacing your roof.
  3. Your roof’s shingles are broken: Damaged shingles are often a good indicator of your roof’s deteriorating condition. Since your roof’s shingles are constantly exposed to extreme heat, rain, wind, and even hail, they’ve likely suffered significant amounts of wear and tear. While a few cracked or loose shingles can easily be replaced, large patches of damaged shingles (as well as those with moss or algae growth) may signal that it’s time for a roof replacement.
  4. Your roofline is sagging: Examining the shape of your roof can alert you to another noticeable sign that it needs to be replaced. A roofline should always be straight; any dip or curve in your roof deck should be taken seriously. This could be a sign of a sagging roof that is saturated with water and could lead to collapse, putting you and your family in danger.
  5. Your roof suffered extreme weather damage: Extreme damage from storms will often require a roof replacement. Strong winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes are dangerous threats that can cause cracks and shingles to fly loose or send debris crashing into your roof. As soon as it’s safe to go outside after a storm, examine your roof for punctures and schedule an inspection with your local roofer. Roof replacement professionals will be able to determine the state of your roof and whether it needs repair services or a full replacement.

Replacing your roof is a wise investment that guarantees your home’s protection. For affordable, fast, and experienced roof replacement services in the Central Florida area, look no further than RBS Construction and Roofing.

Your Central Florida Roof Replacement Experts

RBS Construction & Roofing is a local, family-owned and operated roofing business in Orlando, Florida. With 35 years of experience, our team of veteran craftsmen is equipped to provide you with superior residential and commercial roof installations and repairs.

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