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Home Renovations: Where to Start and What Is The First Step in Renovating a House?

Where-to-Start-and-What-Is-The-First Step in Renovating a House?

Everyone wants their house to feel more like a home. The biggest hurdle in achieving that goal for many homeowners is the daunting task of home renovations, a confusing mess of permits, and painter’s tape. If you’re considering renovating a house, here are a few simple steps to follow when starting your journey.

The First Steps of Home Renovations

  1. Make a plan: While this first step may seem obvious, many people start renovating a house with only a vague idea of what they want, hoping to find the answer along the way. It’s best to have a specific vision in mind for what you want before starting any home renovation project. Consider all factors from size, maneuverability, and even color. It may also help to rank factors or even individual home renovations to know what you need to prioritize in the process.
  2. Check for permits: It’s easy to assume that you can do anything you want on your property. However, some of the most popular home renovations, like turning a garage into a bedroom, may not be legal where you live. It’s best to research residential permits, codes, and possible HOA rules to ensure legality before renovating a house.
  3. Set a budget: Home renovation can get very expensive very fast. Even the slightest deviation in your established plan can add hundreds to your final bill. It’s important to set a strict budget early on and confirm your estimates with any contractors to ensure you stick to it.
  4. Set a timeline: Many homeowners tend to have a “get to it when they get to it” approach to home renovation, especially when it comes to the simpler aspects of the project like painting. To keep things running smoothly, it’s important to have a clear and concrete timeline for the project, including cleaning, shipping, and any spare days that may be needed for unexpected emergencies.

Home renovation is often romanticized as a scrappy DIY endeavor. However, it’s almost always cheaper and safer to rely on professional general contractors to handle any large-scale remodels or changes to your property. If you need high-quality and affordable construction or roofing services, turn to the professionals at RBS Construction & Roofing.

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