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Summer Roof Maintenance Tips: Preparing for the Heat and Storms

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Although there is much to enjoy during the summer in Florida, residents and business owners know that the summer months also bring intense weather events like hurricanes and heat waves. Such severe conditions can seriously affect your roof, making it vital to prepare. Here are some roof maintenance tips to help you ready your Florida roof for summertime heat and storms.

How to Prepare Your Roof for Summer Weather

  • Regularly Check for Mold: Summer in Florida usually means two things: heat and humidity. Unfortunately, these are perfect conditions for mold growth. Once mold starts growing, it can spread quickly. If left unchecked and not promptly dealt with, the mold situation on your roof can rapidly grow out of control. To reduce your roof’s risk of incurring mold damage, regularly clean out your gutters and check your roof for signs of pooling water, fallen limbs, or debris that could prevent water runoff and allow moisture to build.
  • Trim the Trees: After a storm, it is not uncommon to see tree branches and leaves scattered all over the road and on top of roofs. To keep debris from piling up on your roof, trim down overgrown tree limbs ahead of the summer season. Doing so will reduce the risk of tree limbs falling on or puncturing your roof during a severe storm. In general, you want to make sure that any tree branches around your property are at least eight feet away from your roof.
  • Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection: Having your roof professionally inspected every spring will give you enough time to catch and address any areas of concern before the summer storms hit. While you can certainly inspect your roof yourself, certified roof inspectors are trained to spot needed repairs that are often overlooked by the untrained eye. If you need help preparing your roof for severe summer weather, then contact the professional and experienced roof maintenance, inspection, and repair experts at RBS Construction & Roofing.

Rely on Your Orlando, FL Roof Maintenance Experts

RBS Construction & Roofing is a locally- and family-owned and operated roofing business in Central Florida staffed by a team of veteran craftsmen and roofers. We have been providing Orlando residents and business owners with high-quality and affordable roof installations and repairs for over three decades.

If you need superior roof maintenance services, give us a call today at (689) 304-9605 to schedule a professional roof inspection.