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What To Do If a Tree Lands on My Roof?

Wrecked house

Florida residents are no strangers to strong seasonal storms. The tropical climate of the Sunshine State regularly exposes homes to the powerful windspeeds brought by hurricanes and tornadoes. If strong enough, these intense forces of nature can easily knock trees out of place. Although uncommon, such displaced trees can violently land upon residential roofs during severe storms, causing tremendous damage. To protect your home and family during such a hazardous situation, you must know what to do if a tree lands on your roof.

How To Respond To Emergency Roof Damage

  • Evacuate Your Home – On top of breaching a hole through your roof, the impact of a falling tree can cause severe structural damage that could leave your home susceptible to collapse. To avoid further tragedies, everyone must exit their house immediately after the tree hits. Arranging an emergency evacuation plan beforehand could expedite your escape and spare your family from danger. It is equally important to plan for the time you will be displaced. Prepare a bag with food, drinks, and documents that would be necessary to book a hotel room in case you need to spend the night elsewhere.
  • Call 911 – Following the impact, your home’s structural weakness is not your only concern. A falling tree can bring power down as it collapses and breaches through your home’s gas lines, prompting a possible fire hazard. Urgently call 911 and explain your situation; the dispatcher will send a fire crew and provide you with further information on what to do next. Attempting to remove the tree by yourself is extremely dangerous as your roof will be wet and vulnerable to collapse. It is important to be patient and rely on professionals trained for these situations.
  • Contact Your Insurance – Reporting the damages to your home insurance is the first step to fixing your damaged roof; your provider will explain what is covered by your plan and advise you on what to do next. Meanwhile, if the fallen tree opens a hole in your roof, water could continue to leak inside your home. Preventing further water damage to the structure of your home is important, so they will recommend that you contact a professional local roofing company as soon as possible.

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Professional Emergency Roofing Services in Orlando

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