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What Are the Interior Signs of Roof Damage?

Damage ceiling

The condition of your roof is something that you should pay attention to and be knowledgeable about. While external roof damage can occur at any time for multiple reasons, it can sometimes be difficult to spot or identify such damage from the inside. Roof damage can lead to interior leaks and rot that can be detrimental and costly for homeowners if not immediately identified and remedied. Therefore, knowing the following interior signs of roof damage can help you take quick action and save you time and money long-term.

4 Common Interior Signs of Roof Damage

Any type of roof damage should be handled as soon as possible. If the problems are not corrected, you run the risk of suffering increased expenses and further property damage.

Here are the common interior signs of roof damage to look out for:

  1. Water Damage or Leaks: Typically, water leaks will leave stains that appear in blotches of brown or yellow on your ceiling. If a leak is left unaddressed, it can turn into a dripping puddle that can rot your flooring and increase the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.
  2. Light in Your Attic: A simple method to check for a leak in your attic involves shutting off the lights in your attic during the daytime. If you spot any light coming through, then you know there is a crack or hole that needs fixing. After all, if light can penetrate your attic, so can water.
  3. Excess Moisture and Mold: Gaps in any roofing material allow for moisture buildup, especially during humid weather. This aids the growth of mold, which uses moisture to grow. You can spot mold growing on materials or identify it by its distinct odor.
  4. High Energy Bills: If your home’s interior feels unusually hot and your energy bill is increasing, it may be from roof damage. Cold air seepage from damaged roofing will cause your HVAC to work harder to maintain the cool air temperature in the home. This can also jeopardize your AC unit from overworking.

If you notice any of these signs of roof damage, do not hesitate to call RBS Construction & Roofing to fix the problem and prevent further structural damage to your property.

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