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Shingle Roof Maintenance Tips

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Although shingle roofs are built strong and sturdy to protect the inside of your home, that doesn’t mean they are immune to harsh weather conditions, excessive sun damage, and old age. That is why every homeowner should know some roof maintenance methods to help prolong its life and prevent leaks and failure. Here are a couple of shingle maintenance tips that you can do yourself.

5 Shingle Maintenance Tips

  1. Maintain proper insulation: If your attic doesn’t have sound insulation, your home will have trouble retaining heat during the colder months. Without good insulation, water can freeze on your roof shingles and damage them.
  2. Clean the gutters: Keeping your gutters clean can help them to continue doing their job correctly. Homeowners should clean their gutters at least twice every four months to allow water to flow properly.
  3. Annually treat for moss and algae: Moss, algae, and lichen can damage your roof and decrease your home’s curb appeal. Adding a treatment product with copper and zinc can keep moss and algae from growing on your roof.
  4. Remove debris: Clear any leaves, sticks, and tree branches that have settled on your roof, as they allow moss and algae to grow and can cause shingle damage. Trim overhanging branches near your home to prevent them from falling on your roof and causing a leak to break through.
  5. Regularly inspect your roof: Having your roof thoroughly examined regularly is essential to ensure the shingles are in good condition. If a shingle is damaged, replace it to prevent water from leaking inside. Another way to stop leaks is by adding silicone caulk around the flashing on your chimney and vent pipes to prevent leaks.

If you lack the experience and tools necessary to repair broken shingles or need assistance conducting a comprehensive roof inspection, then contact your local roofing experts at RBS Construction & Roofing to do the job for you.

High-quality Shingle Maintenance and Repair Services with RBS Roofing

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