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What Is the Cost of Commercial Roof Maintenance?

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Commercial building owners should have their roofs maintained at least once a year. Unfortunately, most don’t and end up having to deal with repair costs when their commercial roof ages to a point where it will not be secure without significant repairs or resurfacing. However, the cost of implementing an annual commercial roof maintenance schedule is much more budget-friendly than the eventual hefty repair or replacement costs that come with neglecting the maintenance of your commercial roof.

Here is some important information on the general cost of commercial roof maintenance.

Components of Commercial Roof Maintenance

Typically, a commercial roof maintenance plan has three components that involve various costs.

They include:

  1. Roof Inspection – During the roof inspection, a roofer will look for any places that need repair or are showing any vulnerabilities. Roof inspections are generally a complimentary service.
  2. Roof Cleaning – While not offered by every roofing service, roof cleanings are necessary to remove debris, mold, and mildew, clear gutters, and perform minor repairs to avoid issues from growing larger.
  3. Post-Checkup Inspection Report – An expert roofer will assess the state of your roof a final time to check for any overlooked spots and worsened areas.

For these three steps, the costs will generally be around $0.03 per square foot of roof. However, do note that if any major repairs are needed, they will be provided at an additional cost.

Important Commercial Roof Maintenance Variables

It is important to remember that every roofing project is different. Therefore, the costs associated with one roofing maintenance project are likely going to differ from another as different factors affect the cost of commercial roof maintenance. Some of these factors include the roof’s location, slope, and type of material.

That said, some roofing services offer standard prices that do not factor in these variables.

Quality Commercial Roof Maintenance in Central Florida

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