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Why Is My Homeowners Insurance Company Threatening to Drop Me?

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Homeowner’s insurance provides financial protection to homeowners when their home has suffered damage from a storm, fire, hurricane, or flood. Most homeowners assume they can safely go to their insurance company to file a claim after a natural disaster, but that isn’t always the case. Insurance companies can cancel your coverage or refuse to renew your policy if they believe you or your property is too risky. Here are a couple of reasons insurance companies drop homeowners.

Reasons a Homeowners’ Insurance Company May Drop Your Coverage

  • You Filed Too Many Claims: If you have a long history of filing claims, insurance companies will see that as a risk. Insurance companies go by how much the average consumer files a claim (one every nine to 10 years). When insurance companies see that a homeowner is filing above the average, it consider them non-profitable and may decide to drop them.
  • Your Area Is Not Covered: Some insurance companies steer clear from covering areas or states that are prone to flooding, wildfires, and hurricanes because they don’t profit a lot from such recurring damage. Another factor that insurance companies consider when deciding to drop a homeowner or service area is the number of claims filed in that area.
  • Your Roof Is Old or Has Existing Roof Damage: One of the top reasons insurance companies threaten to drop homeowners is due to an old or damaged roof. Some roofs can last up to thirty years with proper care. It’s important to note, that here in Florida, shingle roofs never last 30 years. Homeowners are getting letters from their insurance providers threatening to have their coverage dropped when their shingle roofs are only 10 years old. Only a tile and metal roof last longer

However, once a roof is over thirty years old, your home is at risk for potential water damage. Insurance companies want to ensure that you are protecting your home from outside hazards. This is why homeowner’s insurance companies will ask you to replace your old roof or risk losing your coverage.

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