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Maximizing Energy Savings: The Benefits of Insulating Your Roof

roof insulation job

These days, cost-conscious homeowners are always thinking of ways to make their homes more energy efficient, typically by installing solar panels. However, that is not the only way to maximize energy savings for your home. Insulating your roof may have an even more dramatic impact on your energy-saving efforts. Here are some of the benefits of roof insulation and why you should have your roof professionally insulated.

Roof Insulation Benefits

  • Slashes Your Heating and Cooling Costs: With roof insulation, you can significantly reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home, depending on the season. Rather than continuously running your air conditioning or your heater during hot or cold months, properly installed roof insulation will maintain the internal home temperature you desire by trapping cold or hot air inside, preventing it from escaping. Roof insulation, thereby, allows for a more comfortable living situation.
  • Creates More Space: While attic insulation is also effective at reducing heating and cooling costs, it takes up a significant amount of space within your attic. By investing in roof insulation, you’ll free up your attic to use for storage and other purposes while also creating a temperature-controlled space that is a viable location to set up a home office or an additional bedroom.
  • Increases Your Home’s Value: Another benefit to roof insulation is that it can increase the value of your home. A temperature-controlled home is very valuable on the market, particularly in areas that see very high or very low temperatures during certain times of the year. Investing in roof insulation can be a great move if you’re considering selling your home.

Professional Roof Insulation Services Near You

If you’re interested in cutting costs with a roof insulation installation, then contact the experienced roofers at RBS Construction & Roofing. With over three decades of experience in the roofing industry, our locally- and family-owned and operated roofing business proudly serves home and business owners in Orlando, Florida with high-quality and affordable roofing services.

Schedule an inspection of your roof today by calling RBS Construction & Roofing at (689) 304-9605.