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Preventing Damage: Tips for Preparing Your Roof for Severe Weather


Florida homeowners are aware of the threats that severe weather can pose to their roofs. To protect your belongings and family from damage or harm, it is crucial to have your roof inspected and reinforced ahead of the next severe weather season. Here are some ways to prepare your roof and ensure its stability against harsh storm conditions.

Tips for Preparing Roofs for Severe Weather

It is always good practice to be prepared for an emergency rather than making adjustments after the fact.

Here are six tips to help you in preparing the roof for severe weather:

  1. Get a roof inspection: It is vital to have your roof inspected ahead of time to ensure it is structurally sound and meets the necessary safety standards and requirements to withstand a severe storm season. Any small roof damage should be identified and taken care of before a storm to prevent a minor problem from turning into a massive one.
  2. Clean your gutters and downspouts and remove debris: During a storm, water can pool, saturate your shingles, and potentially leak into your home if your gutters are clogged. Removing debris from your roof and ensuring your gutters are clean will prevent moisture buildup and allow excess water to freely flow off your roof and through your downspouts.
  3. Check trees and trim vegetation: Old and weak trees can be uprooted during heavy storms, causing significant property damage and potential roof collapse. Before a storm hits, call a professional to remove any threatening trees and trim back any limbs that extend near or over your roof to prevent punctures.
  4. Buy tarps: If your roof sustains damage, a roof tarp will temporarily protect your home’s interior from further damage while you wait for repairs.
  5. Store loose outdoor items: Items like toys, birdbaths, or lawn furniture can easily be thrown around amid a storm. Storing them in your garage or shed will allow them to not become dangerous projectiles during a hurricane or tornado.
  6. Review your insurance policy: Reviewing your homeowner’s insurance policy coverage and ensuring that it is up to date will give you peace of mind during heavy wind, rain, or hail storms.

The above tips will help you be better prepared for storm season and give your house and roof the best chance to come through intact. If you are local to the Central Florida area and you need help preparing your roof for severe weather, rely on the experienced, licensed, and permitted roofers at RBS Construction & Roofing.

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