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The Benefits of Shingle Roofing for Your Home


With so many roofing options available, choosing the right material for your roof can become a complex process of balancing the pros and cons. Protection against the elements, matching your home’s aesthetic, as well as how long the material lasts and the overall cost all factor in when comparing the options. If you are stuck on what type of roofing material to choose, asphalt shingle roofing may be the perfect solution for your roof.

How Shingle Roofing Helps Your Home

You may know asphalt as a road paving material, but it can also work wonderfully as a material in shingle roofing.

As one of the most popular materials for shingles in North America, asphalt roofing provides several benefits for homeowners including:

  1. Easy Installation: Shingle roofing is incredibly easy to install, which means once you choose one of the many varieties and colors available, you can have a new roof in less than a week or even the same day.
  2. Energy Costs: Because shingles can reflect the sun and heat, they can regulate your roof temperature in many conditions. A cool roof means a cooler house and more stable temperatures in your home can lower your air-conditioning bill in hotter months and heating bills during cold snaps.
  3. Environmental Benefits: Yet another upside to roofing shingles is their ability to be recycled after use. The recycled asphalt can then be re-used in other products, making shingles an eco-friendly material.
  4. Lower Overall Price: Overall, the price of asphalt shingles falls below many more expensive options like slate or metal. Rather than tens of thousands of dollars, an asphalt roof typically costs somewhere in the mid-thousands range, making it extremely affordable.
  5. Easy To Repair: In humid and blistery climates like Florida, well-maintained asphalt shingles have a lifespan between 16 and 20 years. However, elemental damage and cosmetic fixes are relatively simple and quick to repair. Additionally, if you do not plan on living in your current home forever, asphalt shingles are a safer short-term investment.

Your Central Florida Shingle Roofing Experts

If you have your mindset on shingle roofing or any other roofing project material at affordable prices, look no further than the expert craftsmen at RBS Construction and Roofing. As an Orlando-based, family-owned, local business, we have 35 years of experience in high-quality residential roofing and commercial roofing services in the Central Florida area. To schedule a consultation with RBS Roofing, call the seasoned professionals at (689) 304-9605 today.