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How Often Should You Get Your Roof Inspected?

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A house without a sturdy and secure roof does little to protect what’s inside; however, most homeowners neglect to schedule even the barest minimum regular maintenance required to keep a roof in peak condition. One of the best ways to take care of your roof is to schedule regular roof inspections.

Because Florida roofs endure extreme heat and torrential wind and rain throughout the year, an annual roof inspection, at the very least, is necessary to establish a baseline report of your roof’s condition and overall performance. However, there may be other times and events throughout the year that will prompt you to have a professional roof inspector take a closer look at your roof.

When You Might Need a Roof Inspection

From assessing visible damage to detecting underlying roofing problems, there are many reasons why homeowners may choose to schedule a roof inspection:

  1. Weather-Related Damage: When it comes to weather, particularly severe storms, hurricanes, and hail can inflict serious damage on the state of your roof. If your roof has been hit with heavy weather, an expert roof inspection can help you confirm whether you need emergency roof repairs, an insurance claim, or just small maintenance after the event.
  2. Vegetation-Related Damage: Seeds deposited by animals in between shingles and in gutters can grow into potential threats to the stability of your roof. If left unchecked, the roots of weeds, vines, and plants, can eventually worm their way through roofing materials—causing leaks and damage both internally and externally. An inspection may also be necessary if overhanging tree branches have damaged or compromised your roof by providing a pathway for invasive wildlife to chew small holes through your roofing material to gain entry to your home.
  3. Old Roof Wear-and-Tear: Even the best roofs are subject to aging and deterioration. A standard roof in North America will last two decades (or more with stronger materials), so as time goes on it may require more care or major repairs based on its durability. If your roof is aging out, it may be time to have it inspected to determine whether it is still in good shape or is due for a replacement.

Homeowner Tips For Taking Care of Your Roof

When considering the care of your roof, the smart thing to do is to establish routine roof inspections at least twice a year. That way, any damage from leaks, weather, or other factors can be identified before the problem worsens. In Florida, the fall and spring seasons are the most popular times to perform inspections as the weather is milder. Because it’s so easy to miss a critical problem, having a roofing expert perform an inspection ensures that your roof gets the attention it needs.

Your Central Florida Roof Inspection Experts

If you’re thinking about scheduling a roof inspection, the experts at RBS Construction & Roofing have the experience and skills you need. As a locally- and family-owned roofing business in Orlando, Florida, we are familiar with Florida’s climate and how it affects area roofs. Therefore, we are knowledgeable and equipped to offer high-quality roof inspections, repairs, and installations at affordable costs.

To schedule your professional roof inspection, call RBS Roofing at (689) 304-9605 today.