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What Is the Future of Solar Roofing?

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Solar roofing is becoming increasingly available and popular among homeowners for many reasons. Solar-powered roofs are not only convenient, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient, but the technology is rapidly progressing in versatility. Here are some of the benefits of solar roofing and the exciting emerging technology that is fueling the future of the solar roofing industry.

3 Major Benefits of Solar Roofing

Solar roofing is constantly growing in its ability to provide countless benefits to residential and commercial properties. As more homeowners consider solar roofing and technological trends are developing, the benefits are becoming more apparent.

Three main benefits of solar roofing include:

  1. Extending Roof Life – Solar roofing extends the life of a roof as the material combats harmful elements such as rain, snow, and debris.
  2. Saving Money – Solar roofing drastically reduces energy bills over time as the panels absorb energy from the sun rather than using costly utilities such as electricity.
  3. Helping the Environment – Solar roofing helps the environment as it requires little to no water to function. It also reduces your carbon footprint by combating greenhouse gas emissions and lowering your fossil fuel dependency.

The Technology of Solar Roofing

Solar roofing technology is rapidly advancing as consumers switch to utilizing renewable sources of energy. The progression of technology in solar roofing can significantly reduce a homeowner’s dependency on fossil fuels for electricity.

Some of the technological components of solar roofs that are shaping the future of the industry include:

  • Solar Shingles – Solar shingles are a building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) technology incorporated into solar roofing that allows the structure’s materials to absorb solar power rather than relying on external panels.
  • Solar Skins – Made of thin, flexible, and transparent material, solar skins allow homeowners to absorb solar energy while circumventing the process of altering the appearance of their property with thick and heavy panels. While allowing light to pass through, solar skins also allow homeowners to exhibit customized patterns or images on their homes like miniature billboards.
  • Glazing – Glazing is another kind of BIPV technology involving solar cells which can be utilized to create photovoltaic windows or a custom design similar to solar skins, allowing homeowners to use energy involving a broader range of applications.
  • Solar Fabric – Solar fabric is a photovoltaic fabric with applications in clothing and construction to access sunlight and gather solar energy. This technology can be developed into tarps and lends itself more to temporary housing structures that wish to gather and store solar energy.

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