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What to Expect During a Free Roof Inspection

Checking the roof

The roof is one of the most important aspects of your Central Florida home. Due to its constant exposure to all types of weather, it may need regular attention and maintenance. One way to ensure your roof is always strong is by scheduling a free inspection with a roofing expert. These professionals will be able to tell you any potential risks or problems and discuss how to improve your roof.

Here’s a quick overview of what happens during the process, so you know what to expect during a roof inspection.

From the Ground Inspection

Your roof inspector will begin with a visual assessment from the ground level. They will complete a full walkaround of the property. While on the ground, they will observe the angling of your roof and look for drainage patterns. A keen inspector will also look for worn areas that could compromise the roof. If the inspector sees any issues from below, they will further inspect them on the roof.

On the Roof Inspection

After the ground-level inspection, your roof inspector will climb up to look for any issues not visible from the ground.

There are several issues an inspector is looking for including:

  • Shingle damage
  • Cracked caulk
  • Rust
  • Water damage
  • Cracked vent pipes
  • Signs of decay

If your roof has any special aspects such as chimneys, roof vents, or a skylight, the roof inspector will also check to see if they have become vulnerable to damage.

Comprehensive Final Review

After the inspection, the roof inspector will go over their full findings with you. They will provide visual and written evidence of any concerns they have for your records. An expert inspector will also be able to confidently answer any questions you may have and offer a plan of action for protecting your roof.

Your Central Florida Source for Free Roof Inspections

If your roof is showing signs of old age or damage, the expert roof inspectors at RBS Construction & Roofing are ready to help. Our family-owned business has been operating for 35 years in Orlando, Florida. Equipped with a team of veteran craftsmen, we provide superior residential and commercial roof inspections, installations, and repairs in the Central Florida area.

To schedule a free roof inspection with one of our experts, call RBS Construction & Roofing at (689) 304-9605 today.