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How to Repair a Roof With Solar Panels

Roof fixing
If you’re a homeowner in Florida with an asphalt shingle roof, it’s not a matter of if you’ll need a roof repair or replacement, but when. With unpredictable weather patterns, hurricanes, and other severe storms, it’s a strong possibility you’ll need a roof repair or replacement during your time in your current home. However, if you’re riding the wave of energy efficiency and have solar panels already installed on your roof, attempting a roof repair project can be difficult to navigate.

Here are a few ways to repair a roof with solar panels.

How to Handle a Roof Repair With Solar Panels

If your roof needs repairs but has large and heavy solar panels installed on top of it, there are a couple of things you should do to make sure the repairs go smoothly without damaging your solar panels or further impacting your roof:

  • Contact the company that installed your solar panels: You should first get in touch with the company that set up your solar panel system to inquire about any processes they have in place to facilitate their temporary removal. There will likely be a fee for uninstalling and reinstalling during the roof repair, but it’s still worth inquiring about a quote. You don’t want to attempt to remove your solar panels on your own, as doing so could permanently damage their effectiveness or even invalidate your warranty. Instead, leave their removal to professionals who know what they are doing.
  • Enlist the services of a reputable roofing contractor: For a simple roof repair, any qualified roofing company worth its salt will have the experience and means to work around solar panels if need be. However, should your roof damages be extensive and require a roof replacement or restoration, then you should contact your solar panel provider to do an uninstall and reinstall. Furthermore, it’s recommended that a roofing contractor inspects your roof after solar panels are installed or reinstalled to ensure no damage has occurred.

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